Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tips for link submissions

I thought I'd say something about the way I'd like to receive links by e-mail.

When I sit down in the morning to check out the tips you have sent to my mailbox at, I may find as many as 20 or 30 email messages, and I want to prepare the Expecting Rain front page with new links in maybe less than 15 minutes, at the same time as I am eating my breakfast cereal and checking out the morning paper.

My strategy is to skim the subjects and select those that seem to be most Bob relevant or otherwise interesting, judging by the subject. I check these links out and include them if they really are relevant or interesting.

Secondly, I go through most of the other messages and use some of them. The rest I let remain in my inbox until later in the day.
At 0640 local time (CET) I publish today's page and go to work. (It's only a 16 minute walk, so I usually let my car stay at home, because I need a minimum of exercise.) On weekends I try to publish at 1000.

Some days I find the time to add some updates from work, but they pay me to do stuff for them, not for me (or you), so this does not happen every day.
But I usually catch up with another update in the afternoon. After 1900 CET I save the links for the next day.

My main point is this: Please avoid using the "Email this article" link on news sites. They too often send nondescriptive email subjects like:

- NN has sent you a link
- NN sent you a link to content of interest
- Referred article from NN
- Check out this article
- Story
- nn has sent you a news story to read
- Article from
- Someone has sent you a story from
- North Jersey Media Group providing local news, sports & classifieds for Northern New Jersey!
- To see this story with its related links on the Guardian Unlimited Arts site, go to (can't find the article!)
- To see this story with its related links on the The Observer site, go to (had to use Search to find the article!)

What I would rather you do, if possible, is to send an email message like this:

Subject: The headline of the article
Message: http://thelinktothe (the URL of the page)
A short, explanatory comment, if you have one to propose.
Signed: thenameyouwantcredited

That's really all there's to it.
Please avoid sending me the whole page, text, graphics and all.
Tips with the exact URL are better than just the name of the site.

Some tipsters don't know how to get the URL of a page, so here's a tip for some:
The URL is the address of the page, and you find it in a field near the top of the browser window. It starts with http:// and so on.
Don't try to type it into the email, select it, copy and paste it!

If you are on a PC that you don't have an email programme running on, I recommend getting a gmail account. If you need an invitation to gmail, please contact me!

Thanks for watching this page.



fhb said...

And you do a great job, too! Thanks for all your work, Karl Erik!

Anonymous said...

Hey, great to see you up on Blogger, KE!

I've been trying to be more posting friendly in recent submissions and I'm glad you've posted some guidelines.